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Color-Core Wristbands

What is a color-core wristband?

    •    Color-Core™ bands are a great way to make a big impression, they are easy to read and detailed art is very easy to see.
    •    Color-Core™ allows you to have a wristband with colored text without having to place a minimum order and receive them in the least amount of time and are perfect for promotional and occasional use.
    •    Color-Core™ wristbands are not as durable as color-fill wristbands and should not be worn 24/7 Lazer-Made™, molded or color-filled wristbands can be, as the outer layer can be removed with excessive use.
    •    For the best care, keep them from rubbing against too many surfaces, clean them gently with soap and water and take yours off before you go to sleep to get the maximum lifespan from each wristband.