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Color-Filled Custom Silicone Wristbands

What is a color-filled wristband?


Color-Filled wristbands are the pinnacle of the silicone wristband world. These are actual works of art that start with a molded wristband, which is made from scratch.

Skilled artists with glass syringes fill each letter or logo, with special heat-sensitive ink one letter at a time! The ink is then baked onto the silicone surface, cooled and packed before being shipped to you.

It's basically dual-color Debossed wristbands. Standard size is 1/2" wide, please contact us if you need other sizes.

It is best to order 1000 or more to make this product cost effective. Color-Fill bands last for years and make the biggest impression.

Delivery time is a minimum of 7 business days with rush delivery and they can be worn day in and out without the risk of fading.

If you are interested in Color-Filled wristbands, please call a representative for assistance and special pricing.