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Halo Remembrance Custom Silicone Wristbands

What are Halo Remembrance wristbands?

Halo Remembrance Wristbands or Halo Bands are a limited edition color core wristband, custom designed with a unique Halo and Wings graphic.

The custom color combination is Luminescent Amber on the outside and Golden Yellow on the inside, and is designed to represent a glowing halo.

It is a touching way to honor or remember someone you love.

It is a very appropriate to give out during funeral wake as a token of remembrance for love ones.

Available in 1/2-inch wide bands only.

We create only a limited number of the Halo Remembrance Wristbands and we hope that they are well received and loved by all of those who get them.

Our high-quality wristbands are made with 100% hypo-allergenic Silicone. No Latex is ever used.